Mieke Everaert

Mieke Everaet

Exhibition Sober Poetry - September-October 2023

Peter De Cleyn - Mieke Everaet

Mieke Everaet's work is a permanent investigation into the coherence of form, structure, light and color in the defined space of the bowl. She explores the boundaries of how the interior space relates to the exterior space of the form.

The bowl shapes or containers are made up of ribbons of colored kaolin clay that form the building blocks, the structure of the object. The rhythmic repetitions and growth patterns in the translucent shapes are clearly recognizable. The approach is clear and direct.

Initially the work was very colorful. Now the work has been reduced to its essence in minimal and constructive colours. The fusion of two bowls creates the lobe shape and gives the walls a dynamic architectural shape.

Read the article about Mieke Everaet in "de kleine K, nr. 106, oktober 2023". (in Dutch)