Reinhilde Van Grieken

Reinhilde Van Grieken

Exhibition at BA&DF (Belgian Art and Design fair), 7-10 October 2021

Reinhilde Van Grieken - Annouk Thys - Sofi Van Saltbommel

Exhibition Future Memories - April-May 2019

Paolo Polloniato - Reinhilde Van Grieken

Reinhilde studied sculpture and ceramics and started her career twenty years ago as ceramicist. She broke through on the international scene early 21st century. From 2006 on until today her work is continuously selected in international exhibitions and biennials as e.g. Vallauris (F), Zaragoza (Sp), Mons (B), Höhr-Grenzhausen (D), Andenne (B), München (D) etc… Last year (2018) it was part of the prestigious international biennial “Fragility/Monumentality” organized be Becraft in Mons; this spring on display in the National Design & Craft Gallery in Kilkenny, Ireland.

Her most intriguing work is about the abuse of children by religious people. As a matter of fact it is her way to express her proper experiences as a child. It works therapeutically. The cylindrical ceramics are partially covered with transfers (photo’s) of religious scenes, partially glazed in one colour. She often abundantly uses gold lusters which suggest the glamour and pomp of the church. The objects resemble fallen chalices. As spectator one should not just have a glimpse of the work, or let the eye be distracted by the gold and the images. One should take the time to look thoroughly at the work and try to sense the meaning of it.

Not all of her ceramics carry this delicate message. Other works in porcelain are composed of hand turned elements, pierced and put together to suggest motion. The effect of light pouring through the pierced holes gives life to the objects. In those works Reinhilde takes the challenge to walk the thin line between art, crafts and design.