Ming MIao Ko

Ming Miao Ko

Exhibition at Belgian Art & Design Fair- 19-22 October 2023

Valentijn Vanmeirhaeghe - Tjok Dessauvage - Frans Vercoutere - Annouk Thys - Ming Miao Ko

Ming, born in Tapei, Taiwan (1984), now lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium.
Visual artist specializes in contemporary ceramics art, with earlier artistic development in contemporary jewellery and object art.
Ming-Miao's practice is focused on the 'fluidity' between materiality, corporeality and meaning-making. She obscures the borders between the body and object, human and non-human, sexuality and reproduction. She specializes in porcelain slip casting and mold making. Her Eastern root also makes her art challenge the Western thoughts of dualism and categorization, thinking of the relations of natural and artificial, biological and cultural to interrogate sexualization in the anthropocentric world.
In her works, she reinvents metaphors with symbols, shapes, and associations by casting elements from nature, daily life, and the human body parts. She reinterprets those elements which are referring to sex, reproduction, and sensuality.
Her artwork has been selected for several international expos in Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Finland, and Lithuania, she also participated in international ceramic symposiums in Lithuania and Latvia (Oct, 2023).