Mariken Dumon

Mariken Dumon

Exhibition Treasures - December 2018

Christopher Kelsall, Fabienne Loyens, Magdelien Roobroeck, Frank Steyaert, Margot Thyssen, David Huycke and Mariken Dumon

Mariken Dumon is one of the few hot glass artists in Belgium. She studied Visual Arts in Ghent, had a training in the Kosta Glass School (SE), was artist in residence in the Corning museum of Glass (USA), guest lecturer in the Sheridan College Oakland (USA) and lecturer in the Academy of Fine Arts in Mechelen. She had many exhibitions in Europe and her work can be admired in the Corning Museum of Glass (USA). Her work is a continuous research in the challenging area between craft and design, between functionality and autonomous art. She pushes the boundaries of technique and design. This results in blown, cutted and polished glass vessels as in the Black Line collection. It is made of basic forms, with the black line as an all-defining element, like a limit or a decisive fraction of a second. The application of the black line is the crucial moment, the exaltation in the production process.


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