Margot Thyssen

Margot Thyssen

Exhibition Treasures - December 2018

Christopher Kelsall, Fabienne Loyens, Magdelien Roobroeck, Frank Steyaert, Margot Thyssen, David Huycke and Mariken Dumon

Margot Thyssen, at the origin graphic designer changed to ceramics some years later. She trained in the difficult multi-layer slip casting technique. Using 2 to 6 layers of porcelain (ex. white-black-white) her master use and control of this technique combined with the right firing temperature and timing permit her maximum space to play with the transparency in her work. The coloured intermediate layer shines through the white porcelain and appears as a fine line or pattern caught between the two white layers.
In 2013 she started her professional career as ceramist. Her work is remarkable and was immediately rewarded with a Henry van de Velde Label in 2014. In the same year her work was selected for the “Westerwald Preis” in Germany. In 2016 she was invited as Artist in Residence during the“5th China Changchun International Ceramics Symposium” and her “Mo Shan” objects became part of the permanent collection at the Changchun Ceramic Gallery (CN) and in 2018 in the Taoxichuan Ceramic Avenue - Art Gallery, Jingdezhen (CN). Her work was on display in international exhibitions and trade fairs, as the Ceramics Triennal 2015, Coda Museum, ( Apeldoorn), the “Ceramic Event”, Brussels, “ “The International Ceramics Exhibition : Kunststichting Perspectief vzw” (Haacht), the Exhibition “World Cup” Ann Linnemann Gallery (Copenhagen) and the International Triennial Unicum 2018 - National Museum of Slovenia (Ljubljana) and several other galleries.


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