Magdelien Roobroeck

Magdelien Roobroeck

Exhibition Treasures - December 2018

Christopher Kelsall, Fabienne Loyens, Magdelien Roobroeck, Frank Steyaert, Margot Thyssen, David Huycke and Mariken Dumon

Since childhood, Magdelien has been digging clay, and making the intangible tangible. Her work as a ceramist and artist is a continuation along this path. From 2014 until 2018 she worked with the non-profit organization TSNUK at Fabrik Artistik, situated in the old Tupperware factories. Her work was part of "Peace 1418", a joint exhibition with twenty other artists.
At that time, she laid, with "terra incognita" and "terra promesa", the foundations for her current "terra reversa" project: eighty-eight bowls, covered outside with the dirt or silt, she harvested during one of her daily walks. The convex insides are glazed in a deep blue color.
Her art is her language, a way to communicate, with others, myself, nature and the universe. She keeps on trying to make the work more pure, conscious and precious. As a present, a treasure


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