Karima Duchamp past

Karima Duchamp

Exhibition Living Surfaces - August-October 2021

Karima Duchamp - Annouk Thys

Exhibition at Collectible Salon, online Fair, 28-30 May 2021

Tjok Dessauvage - Guy Van Leemput - David Huycke - Helena Schepens - Frank Steyaert - Mariken Dumon - Christophe Desvallées - Karima Duchamp

° 1971
Karima Duchamp’s studied at fine Arts at the Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts, Besançon, and added one year study in Ceramics at the Maison de la Céramique, Mulhouse in France.
Her practise is intuitive: with clay, on paper or free canvas, the artist manipulates, gets rid of an academic practice of sculpture and drawing. She deploys landscapes, intertwined with primitive architectures and ghostly bodies, so light that they seem ready to fly, to disappear. Her ceramics primarily consist of slabs of clay what results in unusual ceramic surfaces. As Karima said, “what emerges in my work can come from a detail that carry me into stories, memories and possible projections.” What is so specific to her work is the use of colors as she is also a painter and her daily practice interacts into her ceramic practice.
Karima is Member of the International Academy of Ceramics, member of Atelier d’Art de France and was rewarded with international selections in prestigious European competitions, e.g. the Keramikmuseum in Westerwald and the Biennial of Ceramics in Andenne. She was invited in international group exhibitions in ceramic museums and centers all over Europe. She also took part in prestigious art fairs as The Salon Art+Design in New York, Design Miami in Miami and Basel.
Karima Duchamp lives and works in Mulhouse in France.