Jan Marechal

Jan Marechal

Exhibition at Belgian Art & Design - 10-13 Octobre 2019

Helena Schepens - Joke Raes - Jan Marechal

The contrast between what man makes and the threatening reality is basic in the work of visual artist Jan Marechal. He creates a world referring to the blurred space between what is and what is observed. In other words what do you see and what do you want to see? His work summons an image of a human being, living in a society, constantly changing its shapes. It questions the distance of man towards his natural environment. Marechal’s art is a quest for potential archetypes for the future but also a kind of surviving kit.
Jan Marechal was trained as Productdesigner and ceramicist. He worked in residence in the “Europees Keramisch Werkcentrum in ‘s Hertogenbosch. He was selected by Design Flanders (2009), the European Ceramic Context in Denmark (2010) and the Triennale européenne de la Céramique et du Verre in Mons (2013). He participated in a serie of smaller exhibitions following years.


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