Frans Vercoutere

Frans Vercoutere

Exhibition at Belgian Art & Design Fair - 19-22 October 2023

Valentijn Vanmeirhaeghe - Tjok Dessauvage - Frans Vercoutere - Annouk Thys - Ming Miao Ko

Exhibition Stories from earth and heaven - Sepember-October 2022

Tjok Dessauvage - Frans Vercoutere - Beate Leonards (D).

Frans Vercoutere is not only a painter, he also makes spatial work, i.e. sculptures. And he collaborates with other artists such as Tjok Desssauvage. In his work he seeks the perfect balance between omission and making visible and connects objects and elements from his enormous collection of objects trouvé in the sculptures. He is a poet with statues. He makes little fairy tales that are understandable to anyone who opens his eyes. (free after Lucas De Man)
Clouds and blue skies play a special role in Frans Vercoutere's oeuvre. Cloudy skies are an instrument for him to place his painted world outside of time, to situate it in a timeless vacuum. (free after Hanneke De Leeuw)
In this way he paints parts of Tjok's pot structures, which he receives without prior knowledge. His art results in blue sky miniatures with some clouds.
Frans gives us the clouds without being allowed to keep them. He lets us touch them without possessing them, or being able to catch or grasp them, let alone measure them. The clouds he hands us give us space in our heads and take us to nature, to the imagination and finally to love. Love in times of darkness. That's what all his work is about. (free after Lucas De Man)