Fabienne Loyens

Fabienne Loyens

Exhibition Treasures - December 2018

Christopher Kelsall, Fabienne Loyens, Magdelien Roobroeck, Frank Steyaert, Margot Thyssen, David Huycke and Mariken Dumon

Fabienne studied ceramics and glass in the PXL University College in Hasselt (B). She is ceramic lecturer at the Academy of Leuven (B). Fabienne refined her skills in numerous workshops on Glass and ceramics. Her work is often shown in Belgium but was represented in the Westerwald museum in Germany and Jingdezhen in China.
In “Treasures” she shows small figurines, phantasy insects, with a demon like expression, in glass and ceramics. It is as if one looks at creatures from another world. Their bodies have a conical vase form, which surface is worked upon in an exuberant way. The figurines have a head, more like a mask and wings. The wings are in glass and surround the body.


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