Clémentine Dupré

Clémentine Dupré

Exhibition White Chalk - November-December 2019

Johan Tahon - Clémentine Dupré

After majoring in Anthropology and pursuing research on the relationship between Art and Politics in China, Clémentine Dupré enters the Duperré School of Applied Arts in Paris. During her several residencies in Japan, she turns her attention to architectonics and symbolic habitat. Her work shifts more radically towards sculptural expression as she explores notions inherent to inhabiting a given space, time or existence. Her personal sentience makes ceramics her medium of choice. She shapes, assembles, and rethinks ceramics in order to create architecturalized spaces, where void and movement are central notions. Building voids, offering a tangible and intangible interpretation of space, and testing the cycles of construction and deconstruction are fundamental principles underlying her work.

She had multiple personal exhibitions in France and participated in international competitions and art fairs as e.g. the 25ème Biennale Internationale de Vallauris, Musée Magnelli, Vallauris (F), “Collectible Art Fair”, Brussels (B), Art Paris Art Fair, Eko Sato gallery, Paris (F), 60th Biennial of International Ceramic Art, MIC, Faenza and others. Clémentine participates in many group shows in France, Japan and Belgium.


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