Christopher Kelsall

Christopher Kelsall

Exhibition Treasures - December 2018

Christopher Kelsall, Fabienne Loyens, Magdelien Roobroeck, Frank Steyaert, Margot Thyssen, David Huycke and Mariken Dumon

His practice as an artist has been nurtured by several things: his hobby of collecting and playing video games, interest in computer science, but also archaeology, and today’s popular culture, with the help of the Internet.
He sees himself as a printmaker because he considers the notions of originality and uniqueness less relevant today than those of renewal and plurality: computing, even moreso the Internet, are its epitome. His work in 3D printed ceramics blends ancient forms, materials and techniques with contemporary ones, while adopting a self-mocking and humorous tone, similarly to the prevalent style of memes on social networks. Thus, the perception of the pieces fluctuates, hybrids in time, space and style.


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