Christophe Desvallées

Christophe Desvallées

Exhibition Morphoses - August-October 2020

David Huycke, Christophe Desvallées and Guy Van Leemput 

Christophe Desvallées is a contemporary metal artist, who explores the boundaries of copperware and integrates this ancient technique successfully in the world of contemporary art. Christophe keeps his mind on the purity of form, using clear hammered lines. He aims to distinguish himself from famous artists as Jean Dunand ( 1877-1942). He starts from a sketch as a template that determines more or less forms and volumes. During the process of hammering the copper sheet he does not blindly follow the drawing, focusses on the strong details of the sculpture, adapting the lesser elements. However he is very sensible to the law of the material, the metal, the copper.


Bernard Spaelaan 14

9000 Gent


+32 497 59 33 19


Friday and Saturday, 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Or on appointment


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