Cecilia Moore

Cecilia Moore

Exhibition Quirky, vibrant and not so familiar stories - September-October 2019

Cathy Burke, Mike Byrne and Cecilia Moore 

Cecilia uses “raising”, an ancient, near obsolete process of hammering a flat disc of metal to create hollow sculptural forms. This slow and physically demanding process creates a solitary, meditative and deliberate act of art making that is central to her work. The finished form in theory could be produced using mechanical and other less demanding means, but it is the physical contact, energy and ritual between the metal, hammer and herself that is central to her work. Through the process she creates groups of quirky forms, each different, but related in some way to each other. The hammering follows a fluid design, each piece wanders and evolves as appendages and colour is added to find the individual character in each piece. Some pieces have curved and weighted bases allowing them to sit and wobble interacting and animating with each other and their audience.

Cecilia Moore is an artist maker based in Dublin, Irleand. She holds a Masters and a First Class Honours Degree in Metal Design from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin.
Previously she graduated in silversmithing from Birmingham School of Jewellery which is the grounding for all her work. She went on to study dinanderie in Paris where her work focussed on form and went on to study sculpture at the Firestation Studios in Dublin.
Her current work combines all these elements and uses “raising“, an ancient silversmithing hammering technique, to form sculptural pieces in silver and copper based metals.
Her designs use anthropomorphism to find a playfulness and individual character in each piece, adding to this by her use of colour by adapting traditional patination methods.
Her work has been selected for numerous National and International exhibitions. She has completed several public art commissions.

She has been selected for Design and Crafts Council of Ireland's "Critical Selection" for 2019 and previously 2017-2018. She has won several awards in 2018 as e.g. the Golden Fleece Award a major national prize for visual artists in Ireland; in 2016 the Royal Dublin Society Award for Silversmithing and Metalwork and a Thomas Dammann jnr. Memorial Trust Award for travel and research.