Beate Leonards

Beate Leonards

ExhibitionStories from earth and heaven - September-October 2022

Tjok Dessauvage - Frans Vercoutere - Beate Leonards (D)

Exhibition at Collectible, Design Fair, Brussels - 20-22 May 2022

Tjok Dessauvage + Frans Vercoutere - Guy Van Leemput - Frank Steyaert - Annouk Thys - Johan Van Loon (Nl) - Christophe Desvallées (F) - Beate Leonards (D).

Beate creates vessels made of silver, bronze, aluminium and the brass alloy tombac. Playing with forms, aesthetics, simplicity and functionality are an essential part of her work. We discovered her work in the “European Prize for Apples Arts 2021” organized by Be Craft, Belgium.