Annouk Thys

Annouk Thys

Exhibition at Belgian Art & Design Fair - 19-22 October 2023

Valentijn Vanmeirhaeghe - Tjok Dessauvage - Frans Vercoutere - Annouk Thys - Ming Miao Ko

Exhibition at Collectible, Design Fair, Brussels - 20-22 May 2022

Tjok Dessauvage + Frans Vercoutere - Guy Van Leemput - Frank Steyaert - Annouk Thys - Johan Van Loon (Nl) - Christophe Desvallées (F) - Beate Leonards (D).

Exhbition at BA&DF (Belgian Art and Design fair), 7-10 October 2021

Reinhilde Van Grieken - Annouk Thys - Sofi Van Saltbommel

Exhibition Living Surfaces - August-October 2021

Karima Duchamp - Annouk Thys

Annouk works with materials as glaze and porcelain. During her study at LUCA Gent (BE) she knew that experimenting was important to her, bringing together different materials - both ceramic and others - to investigate how they interact. An interaction that initially arises as “self-forming.” Different layers of materials are brought together and each material finds its way. This process of transformation is a way of finding new possibilities through and within a material. Heat, gravity, time and space have an influence. This interplay of experiment, creation and luck - making processes tangible and showing what usually remains invisible - is what challenges her. It is the driver of her work and results in new forms or installations as she made for SMAK (Gent 2010) and The Biennale of Moscow ( 2011).
Her time in the EKWC (Nl), a residency in 2013, was an opportunity research the possibility of glaze as a sculptural medium. It was a run-up to create ‘wanderfalls’. They where shown at the 5th European Triennial of Ceramics and Glass (Mons 2017) and rewarded with the price of the public.
She continues to use glaze and porcelain as her basic materials. An elliptical and fascinating universe emerges through their mysterious poetry. Notions of the landscape, time and elements of nature appear repeatedly in her work.