Anne Mortier

Anne Mortier

Exhibition Distortions - February-March 2019

Anne Mortier and Rafa Perez

Anne was trained as a ceramicist in Ghent (1976-80) in Luca School of Arts, by Marnix Hoys, eminent ceramicist. Her love for clay, and more specific porcelain, was clear from the start, together with her fascination for pot sculptures. As professor ceramics in a smaller art school in Flanders (Eeklo) she transfers this love to her students by emphasizing the boundless possibilities of this material, this medium. Anne exhibited in Faenza (I), Bandol (F), Amsterdam (Nl), Zaragossa (E), China, and Sydney (AUS) and was selected for several awards amongst them Faenza. Her work plays with a functional form in a non-functional way. Plainly said one cannot use the vessels she throws on the wheel. Today her work is archetypical as it evolved from the form of pure pottery to the essential content, the container. Through distortion the function of the utensil is re-invented, released, creating a fascinating new world of abstract form. The marks on the surface symbolize the facts of life we all endure, the little things we enjoy every day, making life beautiful, but also grieve, leaving scars. I like to call her a multitasking art queen, fit to enter the art scene. Anne creates, with clay, delicate, sensitive, fragile looking tangible works of art.


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