Anima Roos

Anima Roos

Exhibiton Earth Inspires - November-December 2023

Nathalie Doyen - Chantal Tramasure - Anima Roos

Exhibition About Identity - January - March 2023

Anima Roos - Coline Rosoux

Anima Roos (1956, Lubumbashi, Zaire) took evening classes in drawing and ceramics at the Ghent Academy. Throwing was not taught, but creating with the potter's wheel was her real passion. She aspired to make paper thin porcelains. Since 1978 she has her own studio in Ghent. Anima took pottery courses in France (1979), and England (1980), and masterclasses from, among others, David Leach (Great Britain), Peter Lane (Great Britain), Horst Göbbels (Germany), David Roberts (Great Britain) and G. Gimatti (Italy). From 1983 she has had many exhibitions. A selection: Ceramics from Belgium (group exhibition), Gmunden, Austria (1995), Galerie La Réserve, Knokke, Belgium (2000), Galerie Teemas, Rotterdam (2001), Terre et terres, Toulouse, France (2016). Roos was awarded the First Prize at the International Potters Festival (Potters' Festival), Gouda (2001).
After many years of making fine porcelain aesthetic objects, she changed course and a new form language penetrated. A totally different aspect of her personality got a ceramic shape. Using references to nature, she tries to pour swirling thoughts into a solidified structure. The shape grows, erodes or shrinks. The power of the form with smooth movements contrasts sharply with the dark, sharp crackled glaze. Creating, boiling, swirling, solidifying. Moving structure in balance.