Charntal Tramasure

Chantal Tramasure

"Initially fascinated by painting, Chantal took courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dendermonde, where years later she discovered the ceramic studio, led by Frank Steyaert.
The support of her 'paintings' became no longer canvas, but clay, which symbolizes the connection of man with the earth.
She likes repetition, but also the unexpected and the unforeseen. Her work is a rhythmic and musical whole. Every detail has its place in the whole. Muted colors vibrate and accentuate this feeling.
New experiences led her to apply the chamotte clay in paste form to a balloon, which she hangs up; as it dries, the clay takes on different and unexpected shapes. During this process she adds structures and works the drying process.
Nature, the play of light on forms, colors and materials, the dialogue between the inner and outer space of the container, thanks to the light that penetrates through it, the boundaries of the material, are the common threads in her work, which creates endless possibilities.
Since the beginning of the experiments with clay, she tells herself that she does in a few weeks what planet earth took millions of years to build up: solidification of magma, chemical composition of minerals, etc., erosion, the thrust of tectonic plates, an unlimited source of inspiration…”